Season Overview

The ESL AU & NZ Championship, the region’s premier esports league, returns in 2017 with more seasons, more prize money, and more esports action from all your favourite titles. Starting with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League in Season 1, the ESL AU & NZ Championship will bring the region's best teams and players competing for pride and prizes. Think you’re the best? This is your chance to prove it - join us on our mission to determine who really are the champions of Australia & New Zealand.

Season 1 will see players compete for a total $17,500 prizepool for our announced titles, with more titles on the horizon. 2017 of the AU & NZ Championship will see the increase from 2 Seasons to 3 Seasons, meaning more competition, more tournaments, more action to watch and of course more prize money on the line in 2017.


For the first time ever, the ESL AU & NZ Championship will see the smashing new title from Blizzard Entertainment as Overwatch competitors in the region get the opportunity to display their talents. The competition will take place over two months, each with two open cups and a monthly final cup. Each monthly final cup will advance two teams to the offline finals at the ESL Studios in Sydney with an awesome $10,000 prize pool on the line.


  • Open Cup #1 - Sunday 12th March
  • Open Cup #2 - Saturday 18th March
  • Overwatch Monthly Final (March) - Sunday 19th March
  • Open Cup #3 - Sunday 2nd April
  • Open Cup #4 - Sunday 9th April
  • Overwatch Monthly Final (April) - Sunday 23rd April



Season 1 for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will pick up right where we left off. The first league in 2017 will host an 8 team league, where teams will participate each week for 7 weeks over both Monday and Thursday nights - all aiming for their place at the offline final. We will see a mixture of invited teams and a closed online qualifier, to determine the final 8 teams that compete in Season 1 and for a $10,000 prize pool.

Invited Teams:

  • Avant Garde
  • Legacy Esports

  • Team Exile5*

  • Alpha Sydney
  • Corvidae
  • Cypher

Having narrowly missed out for qualifying for the ZEN Esports Network League, both Avant Garde and Legacy Esports will receive direct invitations to participate in the ESL AU & NZ Championship 2017 - Season 1. 2016 - Season 2 participant, Team Exile5 will also receive a direct invitation to compete in the new season, pending that they maintain a core lineup from their AU & NZ Championship 2016 - Season 2 roster.

In recognition of their results in all competitions during the past three months - and for maintaining their core lineup: Alpha Sydney, Corvidae and Cypher shall also be receiving a direct invitation to participate in the ESL AU & NZ Championship 2017 - Season 1.

The closed online qualifier - which will find our last two teams for the AU & NZ Championship will take place over the weekend of February 18/19, featuring a Double Elimination, best of three format.

Once all eight teams have been found, the ESL AU & NZ Championships will be ready to begin... all starting on February 27!

Rocket League

Rocket League

We are excited to announce the brand new addition of Rocket League to the ESL AU & NZ Championship for 2017! For the first time in Australia and New Zealand history, teams will have the opportunity to qualify for an eight-team league, concluding in a live finals and hosting a prize pool of $7,500.

Upcoming Events:

  • Invitational Qualifier - 14th of February
  • Open Qualifier #1 - 19th of February
  • Open Qualifier #2 - 25th of February

To find our eight teams, there will first be an invitational qualifier, hosting eight of the region's best teams - based on recent results and Go4RL tournaments - in which the top four placing teams will qualify for the ESL AU & NZ Championship 2017 - Season 1!

To find the remaining positions into the league, we will host an additional two open qualifiers, where the two top placing teams from each qualifier will qualify for the league.

Once all eight teams have been found, the ESL AU & NZ Championships will be ready to begin... all starting on February 28!