Onsite Experience

Crazy American fans, amazing atmosphere and world class CS:GO - this is the Pro League finals! If you missed the event last year, make sure to check out some of the highlights. For those attending the event for the very first time, please find some of the most interesting details outlined below.

Event Guide

Event Map

Partner Map
  1. Info counter
  2. We Love Fine shop
  3. ESEA
  4. Photo booth
  5. Tbd
  6. Tbd
  7. ESL shop
  8. Logitech
  9. Student Gamers
  10. Zowie shop
  11. Signing Sessions

Food & Beverages

All food and beverages, incl. their prices, are provided and determined solely by the venue, not by ESL. Below is an overview of available options at the event.

  • Hot dogs ($7)
  • Burgers ($10)
  • Sandwiches ($10)
  • Fries ($6)
  • Nachos ($9)
  • Popcorn ($6)
  • Pizza slice ($6)
  • Snacks ($3-$4)
  • 24oz sodas ($6)
  • 20oz bottled water ($4.50)
  • Import draft beer ($13)
  • Domestic draft beer ($11)
  • Red Bull ($6)
  • Coffee ($4)

Signing Sessions

Want to meet your favorite players? Join one of our signing sessions at the event! The sessions happen at booth 11 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Every team has one hour of signing sessions at some point of the event. Due to the one hour limitation, a maximum of about 250 people will be allowed to a team‘s session. The exact signing session time slots will be announced on Twitter (@ESLCS) and FB (/ESLCS) throughout the event. You can also learn about them at the info counters.

ESL Shop

Want to support your favorite team? Come check out the ESL Shop and get your favorite team’s merchandise on site. You can already check out what we have to offer on the official shop website.