beGenius disqualified from the Rainbow Six Pro League
We have found the player Shaiiko (Stéphane Lebleu) of team beGenius guilty of using a macro in the Rainbow Six Pro League match against PENTA Sports that happened on September 28th, 2017 and resulted in a 2-1 score in favor of PENTA Sports.

After the match, a protest that accused beGenius of using macros, VPN, manipulating ping, and using Team Viewer was made. Our investigation was inconclusive in the case of VPN, ping manipulation and Team Viewer.

Our anticheat software MOSS found evidence that across the match duration (over 2 hours), the player pressed the sequence '4 4 4' 47 times, and '4 4 4 4 4' 24 times, with around 120 milliseconds delay between each time the key '4' was pressed down. The deviation from these 120 ms was 4 to 8 ms.

By itself, pressing a key at this speed is not inhuman, however pressing a key sequence this many times with such small deviations is impossible.

After discovering the fact that Shaiiko was using macros during the Rainbow Six Pro League match, we contacted beGenius, but they denied the accusation.

The following penalties will be applied:

  • The player will be banned from any ESL competition for the duration of 2 (two) years.
  • The team will be disqualified from the Rainbow Six Pro League, all results are voided, and all prize money forfeited.
  • The team or it’s players (excluding Shaiiko, for the two year duration of the ban) may participate in any upcoming qualifiers for the Rainbow Six Challenger League or any other ESL tournaments.

Since PENTA Sports won their game against beGenius, the result will not change. However, beGenius were expected to play ARES this week, after they beat Millenium last week. Since beGenius are now banned from the Rainbow Six Pro League, it will be Millenium moving on and facing ARES on October 12th, 2017.