R6PL: Super week is ahead of us!
The upcoming days will be dominated by Rainbow Six Pro League action. Starting this Sunday we will have 6 play-days in a row!

First up will be the North American teams that will compete on Sunday and Monday. Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday we will see the Latin American teams go up against each other. And finally, on Thursday and Friday the European teams will join the battlefield.

The schedule for the R6PL super week looks as follows:

NA R6PL - Sunday, October 1st:

  • 5PM PDT - 1nfamy vs. Continuum
  • 7:30PM PDT - eRa Eternity vs. FlipSid3 Tactics

NA R6PL - Monday, October 2nd:

  • 5PM PDT - Rogue vs. Most Wanted
  • 7:30PM PDT - World Best Gaming vs. eLevate

LATAM R6PL - Tuesday, October 3rd:

  • 6PM BRT - Team Fontt vs. NoX Gaming
  • 8:30PM BRT - Encore e-Sports vs. INTZ e-Sports

LATAM R6PL - Wednesday, October 4th:

  • 6PM BRT - BRK e-Sports vs. Black Dragons
  • 8:30PM BRT - paiN Gaming vs. Merciless Gaming

EU R6PL - Thursday, October 5th:

  • 7PM CEST - ENCE eSports vs. sno0ken Knows Esports Gaming
  • 9:30PM CEST - Mysterious Gaming vs. Supremacy

EU R6PL - Friday, October 6th:

  • 7PM CEST - PENTA Sports vs. ARES eSports
  • 9:30PM CEST - beGenius vs. Millenium

All games will use the best-of-three system and will be streamed on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. So whatever you do, don’t miss any of the action!

For the latest updates, follow ESL Rainbow Six on Facebook and Twitter. Get additional information about the Rainbow Six Pro League by following the official account on Twitter. The Pro League schedule can be found here.