Six Invitational groups draw will happen on January 19th
Tomorrow we will get to know what the Six Invitational groups will look like!

The second Six Invitational kicks off next month! We know the prize pool of the event, the date, and the venue, but one is still missing; what will the groups of the Six Invitational look like?

The groups of the Six Invitational will be drawn on January 19th, 2018 at 2PM EST. The drawing will be live streamed from the Ubisoft Montreal Studio. You will be able to watch it live at Twitch.tv/Rainbow6.

Participants of the Six Invitational have been split into 3 Tiers. Multiple teams from Tier 1 and Tier 2 cannot be in the same group.


  • PENTA Sports
  • ENCE eSports
  • Black Dragons
  • Team Liquid

Tier 2:

  • Team Fontt
  • Elevate
  • Rogue
  • Evil Geniuses

Tier 3:

  • eRa Eternity
  • eiNS
  • Room Factory
  • Supremacy
  • 1UP eSport
  • MindFreak
  • Lanchonete
  • Community vote team

The Six Invitational 2018 will be the biggest Rainbow Six: Siege competition ever. 16 teams will be competing for a prize pool of $500,000 and the title of World Champion. The tournament will take place from February 13th-18th. Find out more about the upcoming Six Invitational here.

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