ESL S.K.I.L.L. Pro League Finals
We have EURONICS Gaming, Planetkey Dynamics, PENTA Sports and 31337 eSports in the ESL Studios to compete for a prize pot of over 27,000 EUR!

Only 1,5 weeks are left to prepare for the season 2 finals of the ESL S.K.I.L.L. Pro League and today we want to let you know what the teams think about their chances. On November 28th these four teams will be fighting to be the champions of season 2 and Lauren Scott and Alex Richardson will be our commentators for the day. We hope you enjoy the show!

This is what our best team from the groupstage has to say about their chances of winning the second season of the ESL S.K.I.L.L. Pro League.

Awesome that Gameforge could make it with 4 teams to the offline stages, will be very exciting to meet all new and some old faces again. The experience through the second season did have some upsides and downsides as some rule prevented some players from attending the pro league but on the other hand there has been alot of esports to keep the game alive. I think our chances in the offlines is very high since we didn't practise at all and just focused on playing other games to increase our teamplay and ability to talk better. Its hard to predict which team will win the second season but as I mentioned earlier i think we will. Shoutout to our fans and for our sponsors! Big love.

 Our second place of the groupstage is also confident to become the next ESL Pro League Champion.

We are really happy to reach the semifinals which will be played in Cologne. We went through quite a rough time. After EPL season 1 we had some lineup changes which meant we had to change quite a lot of things. With these lineup changes we also decided to play for Planetkey Dynamics. This whole event was a big change, we would no longer play under the name of team Senpai. Because of the lineup changes, the lineup was no longer a mixed nationality team. Instead we now have a full Dutch lineup. Kdpt and Larm are our latest addition to the team.
Luckily we managed to place second in the group stage. Top 2 of the group stage advances to the semifinals which is a pretty cool system. In EPL season 1 we managed to finish first in the group stage only to get eliminated early in the playoffs. Even though we didn't have a lot of time to prepare. I am quite confident that with the current map pool we will have a pretty good chance at winning EPL season 2. I do feel that we have the more difficult bracket in the playoffs, but if we are all focused then I don't think it should matter who our opponent is.
I will see you guys in Cologne!

And of course we also asked the two teams, who won their quarter final matches to qualify for the offline event. Read what our reigning champion has to say about their chances in the studio finals.


We are really excited to participate in yet another ESL Pro League for S.K.I.L.L. Special Force 2. It was nice having 10 teams in the Pro League this time, instead of 8 that we had last season. I think anything can happen on the LAN event, but i'd say we have pretty good chances to perform well in the ESL TV studios.  PENTA Sports have also changed a player mid-season, so we need to use the time we have left before the event to fix mistakes that we are prone to. I'd like to thank Gameforge, paysafecard and ESL for hosting yet another Pro League season of S.K.I.L.L Special Force 2. To rest of the teams, good luck and may the best team win!


 And our fourth team, which recently changed their name from IESP to 31337 eSports, thinks that PkD will win.

We enjoyed the Pro League Season 2 Groupstage. In our opinion we think PkD will win the season 2 of EPL, they are a very good team. But we will see at the offline finals, who will be able to perform at top level. And we are really happy about to reach the offline finals.



We wish all teams the best of luck and may the best team win the ESL S.K.I.L.L. Pro League Season 2. The finals are taking place on November 28th at the ESL Studios in Cologne. If you want to meet the teams and players as well as officials from Gameforge and ESL, then grab a ticket and come to the event!