The Hearthstone Tavern opens its doors for the Autumn Season
The Hearthstone Premiership kicks off with Qualifiers 19th and 20th September!

Hearthstone is back for the Autumn Season!

Last season we saw Gosu Crew's Greensheep rise to the top as he defeated MnM's Mysterious at MCM Comic Con. Greensheep opened the day with a 3-0 victory over the undefeated XBen before taking down Mysterious in a double series to end an intense day of action.

But now its your turn! You can sign up to our open Swiss-style Qualifiers on the 19th and 25th of September and if you manage to rise to the top 8 on each of the first days you'll be invited back on the 19th or 26th to compete in the elimination bracket to determine the 4 qualifiers from each cup who will join the Premiership for the Autumn Season.

We'll be inviting back the top 8 from last season, (Greensheep, Mysterious, Duncan, XBen, TingTing52, Danswf, HelloLeeroy and Ness) so you'll be able to see your favourite players every Wednesday evening starting on the 4th of October and running through to the end of November before we all reconvene for our first ever 8 player final!

We hope to see you in the Qualifiers!