Rainbow Six Premiership Team Summary
Take a look at who will be playing in the Premiership this Season

With the season merely weeks away, let's take a look at the teams that will be joining us for the first ever ESL Premiership Season for Rainbow 6 Siege! Teams will be battling it out every Monday at 7pm on Twitch.tv/ESL_R6S.

Group A


A team that is no stranger to Rainbow 6 as the organisation has came runner up 3 times in the Major League and also competed at the UK invitational.

Since then the team has undergone some roster changes and team captain Willo says "The new roster changes has him feeling confident and the team chemistry is second to none against. I've got confidence that the team will perform when it matters."

Thomas "GreedyWillo" Williams (Captain)

Kieran "Kizza" Elouali

Jake "Mop" Taylor

Cormac "Kimbae" Fallon-Myers

Brenden "Nygma" Laing


Vexed Gaming

A fairly new team to the scene but one that is not to be taken lightly. They finished first place in the monthly final #4 by beating out teams such as 1nFamy and Xenos.GG.

They bring a lot of aggression to the Premiership, which will be hard for many teams to overcome. Team Captain Proxeh says that he "believes in his team to get the job done and there main goal is to not necessarily finish first place in the Premiership but to get to finals and see where they can go from there."

Sean "Proxeh" Ross (Captain)

Kane "Don Kurupted" Thomas

Elishah "Diff" Caborn-Waterfield

Ellis "EJR6" Daley

Kieran "Nixiano" Nixon


John "Bluxee" Lowe



A new team to scene after only forming in October 2017, they have showed real threat by already beating some big teams throughout the end of the season.

There are two members from the Zero eSports roster who competed at the UK invitational, Rum and Joker, and they will be key experience to the team looking towards the live finals.

Tristan "Trxstan" Savage (Captain)

Ross "TwoMass" Wilson

Zak "Rum" Grice

Liam "2Max" Austen

Jay "Jokerr" Oliver


Fable Esports

One of the strongest teams in Season 3's Major Ladder as there gun skill is second to none. They have shown throughout season 3 that they are a force to be reckoned with, even beating out the UK invitational champions Team Enyx. Since qualifying they have undergone some roster changes by adding Twirl and Rami to the lineup

Team captain Noxa says "We are performing well in scrims and that they have fitted into the team perfectly with coms and also their roles inside the game. Excited for this first season!"

Joshua "Noxa" Allison (Captain)

Jack "Reaxion" Oliver

Tiarnan "Twirl" Ball

Antony "Gnasher/Alios" Diaferia

Jordan "Rami" Dowling


Group B


The veteran team of the competition as Xenos has many old Pro League players from the first year of Tainbow 6. These players know how to compete at the highest level of play and team captain Winegum says that the competition will be hard to get past but, he believes that if his team put in the hard effort like they used to in Pro League they should have no difficulty sweeping the other teams aside.

Jay "Wineguum" Fowles (Captain)

Paul "Floki/Mole" Scott

Tom "CrypticTw" Woodhouse

Josh "WhiskersWillis" Statham

Brandon "Kinderr/Egg" Kinder


Team Enyx

The UK invitational winners and Major League season 1 champions have their sights set on winning the competition this season. Madman and the team feel that they have already shown the skill they possess to beat out the 7 other teams and continue to hold the title as the best team in the UK.

Leo "M4DMAN" Kukielka (Captain)

Macauley "Mac" Young

Adam "Blitz" Dobbs

Ben "HvKz" Barnes

George "Prankzy" Fletcher 


Radix Esports

The newcomers and underdogs of the season. They managed to qualify through the open qualifier as a Pick-Up squad with the team captain Quake "Amazed that him and his team managed to qualify for the Premiership".

Even tho the odds are heavily stacked against them, Quake still thinks that the underdogs might have what it takes to steal the title.

Josh "QuaKe" Mayell (Captain)

Nik "Pat" Pateras

Aaron "Melonz" Bailey

Robert "CaPoni" Thomson

James "Fxbia" Penfold


David "Jaffa" Roberts



One of the most consistent team in year 2 by competing in all 3 seasons of Major League as well as competing in the UK invitational where they grabbed the runner-up spot.

They have seen 1 roster change since the invitational and 1nFamy Captain Drake says "NoThumbs brings a great deal of flexibility to the team as he is able to play any operators that the team needs."

Niall "Premixr" Murphy (Captain)

Matthew "Drake" Dodkins

Nathan "Nath" Kelly

Michael "Smitch" Smith

Jake "NoThumbs" Grove


Don't forget to tune in on Monday 15th January from 7pm for the first ever Premiership Season on twitch.tv/ESL_R6S