Squared still on top!
Week 5 is now almost over and with just one game left to be played, let's have a quick look into what happened this week!

Match Results

Squared eSports secured another win last Tuesday against Ripple eSports, further establishing their position in the league! They are now steadily walking into week 6 confident that they will be the first team that gets to qualify straight to the live finals!

Wednesday found Zonic eSports going head to head with Locastic, and despite the efforts of the latter to snag their second win, Zonic eSports emerged victorious from this clash.

The week closed with Binary Dragons facing proWince. The Serbian Dragons scored another win this week and are currently the only threat to Squared’s first place finish, as in case of a potential draw, Squared’s only loss to the Dragons will kick them down from the throne.

Squared eSports vs Ripple eSports 2-0
Zonic eSports vs Locastic 2-1
Binary Dragons vs proWince 2-0

Have a look at the Standings here.


As it stands right now, Binary Dragons, Ripple eSports, KlikTech and Resistance are all one game short.

Binary Dragons match against Ripple eSports, which is pending since Week 4, will most likely be played this Monday, the 23rd of October, while Resistance and KlikTech will play their game on the 22nd of October.

Upcoming Matches



Tuesday, October 24

Ktech vs Ripple eSports

Binary Dragons vs Zonic eSports

Wednesday, October 25

Locastic vs proWince

Squared vs Resistance

You can watch all previous matches on your YouTube channel as well! 

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