Sigurno Sigurno has been disqualified from the first season of the Vip Adria League!
Due to multiple rules breaking, Sigurno Sigurno will be disqualified from the league, while Trpa and Tasteless will also be penalized. Read more about the incident below.

Due to multiple rules breaking, Sigurno Sigurno will be disqualified from the league, while Trpa and Tasteless will also be penalized. Read more about the incident below.

The situation

A couple of weeks ago it came to our attention that Sigurno Sigurno have been violating our ruleset by using disallowed players in the squad, while also one of these players pretended to be an official member of the team. According to Vip Adria League’s ruleset there is a distinction between a ringer and a disallowed player, as described below:

Rule 5.3.6 - Ringer/Faker

“Any players involved in faking or ringing a player will be barred for 2 matches, also, one (1) major penalty point will be awarded per incident.”

Rule 5.3.7 - Playing with Disallowed Played

“Using a disallowed player results in one (1) major penalty point, and also the player will be barred for 2 more matches before he is eligible to compete. Also, the opponent can demand a rematch. If the administration decides there is not enough time for a rematch (…) a default win will be given to the opponent.”

Rule - Disallowed Player

“A player who is not part of the league and the team”.

Following a thorough investigation of the matter it was found that during Weeks 1 and 2, Sigurno Sigurno used an unregistered player (disallowed) to compete instead of Trpa.  Furthermore, during Weeks 3 and 4 Tasteless, pretending to be Trpa, played for Sigurno Sigurno while also not being a member of the official registered roster.

The admin team, aided by the Publisher, investigated this particular matter over the course of the previous week and following a thorough examination of all the evidence decided to bring it to 2S. Moreover, once this matter was eventually raised to Sigurno’s captain, GromTarantul, he tried to deceive the admin team by using fake statements about other players and the situation they were found in. Misleading the admin team is a clear violation of rule 5.3.8 of VAL’s ruleset.

The Verdict

The admin team has decided to take disciplinary actions against every player and team that got involved in this incident, as it was found that it was intentional and everyone was aware of the situation they were getting into. As a result, the punishment will be as follows:

  • Sigurno’s Trpa will receive an 8-match barrage as he lend his account four times.
  • Tasteless will receive an 8-match barrage as he faked being Trpa 2 times. Tasteless in this situation is considered both a Ringer and disallowed player as he not only faked being Trpa but also wasn’t an official member of the roster.
  • GromTarantul will receive a 4-match barrage for trying to mislead the admin team.
  • Due to the multiple rule breaking performed by Sigurno Sigurno, it has been decided that they will be disqualified from the league.

The counting of the barraged matches will start from the second season from the moment that the above mentioned players has been signed to any of the teams. Since Sigurno Sigurno are officially disqualified from the league, their games until week 4 will be recalculated and their opponents will receive default wins, according to rule 5.3.7. More specifically the adjusted matches are:

  • Week #1 - CZV vs SIG - Default Win for CZV
  • Week #3 - ASUS vs SIG - Default Win for ASUS

The Conclusion

The goal of the Vip Adria League is to provide a proving ground for teams from the Adriatic Region to test themselves, while also competing in a professional environment. In our attempt to keep our integrity to the highest level possible, we have to demand from the teams to fully respect our rules while also, from our side, being strict when this is not the case. Playing with unregistered players in League of Legends provides a clear advantage to the cheating team as any preparation from their opponent's’ side is rendered useless. As a result allowing this kind of situations to evolve is not acceptable and disciplinary actions will be taken again in the future, in case of a similar event.