Thoughts of an Editor - The Groupstage
We are slowly marching to VIP Adria League Finals rhythm, following the conclusion of Group Stage. Online playoffs have decided which teams are going to the big offline meeting and we are about to share our thoughts, more like an extension of the last thoughts of an editor.

The Architects

The true architects of success are the minds behind tactical and strategical choices, especially into the pick and ban phase, none other than coaches. Some of us may not understand how important it is for a team to have a pair of external eyes, analyzing their performance, the practical missteps and mistakes. Rewinding the VODs, having that particular thought on our minds, it is clearer than ever, that coaches made – and of course make - a big difference into the Rift and in addition to the development of Group Stage.

Ardent Censer is still present

A lot of ink has been spilled, talking about the ardent censer. Even midlaners and in some cases junglers prefer to abuse that meta, creating a winning condition for their team. We became witnesses, more than once, of teams being snowballed by the enemy bot lane that has a – practically – invulnerable carry, surrounded by a great amount of peel and protection. Mentioning that, we seek to highlight that the two most successful teams, standing at the top table, none other than KlikTech and Bontech, had repeatedly counted on their ardent botlane to deliver and come home with the W. Although, when that wasn’t enough to win them the game, new conquers rised...

Carrying roles

We are used to pay more attention, as the meta has developed this year, to midlaners and adc’s. Adria’s League Group Stage has taught us that attention need to be paid in all the lanes equally. Top laners and junglers tried their best, delivering for their team and being the most dangerous threat for the enemy team. The carry picks into the top lane combined with proactive early game junglers had made their appearance enough times to underline their impact on the game. Camille, Jayce, Kha Zix, Lee Sin, Elise are a few of these – risky – picks that in the most scenarios gave their team the power that was needed to close out the games.

Closing a game

Talking about closure, we should mention once more that soft spot that makes some of the most dangerous early game teams in the league losing their own games. It is written before that there is a certain point, in late game stage, in which teams in driver’s seat have issues in choking out the enemy and ending the game. Watching out the offline final’s teams compete each other will probably be very interesting, having in the back of their mind that this little space may occur when they are in an inferior position, giving them the opportunity to bounce back. 

The Offline Finals are coming towards us and is going to be really exciting to watch these teams fight for glory.